Program Fees Disclosure (no hidden costs)       

•    Application Fee (non-refundable): $100
•    Preparation Training Fee (non-refundable after 1st day): $750
•    Internship Fee: $3,850
•    Clinical Teaching Fee: $3,500

Internship and clinical teaching fees include on-site support through field supervisors, mentor/cooperating teacher, PPR test preparation and tutorials, internship/clinical teaching materials, professional development sessions, and additional program support.

Fees paid to the State (TEA and ETS)

•    All TexES Exams (per exam): $118.87
•    National Criminal Background Check: $40
•    Probationary Certificate: $78
•    Intern Certificate: $78
•    Standard Certificate: $78

Extension Fees

If interns have not completed all requirements in order to be eligible for a standard certificate, TEA allows the program to recommend a certificate extension for a maximum of two years at the program’s discretion. You must pass both content and PPR to qualify.

•    Extension Fee: $2,000

Note: Due to changing TEA requirements, the program reserves the right to alter fees and requirements.